Coliseum, North Lake Park, Mansfield, Ohio

• Operator: Harry Dennis[1], Arthur Dennis, son (RIP)[1], Chuck & Heidi Wyrick (2000 - 2005)[2]
• Pro/Coach: Dick Puckett[1], Bob Watts[5]
• Organist: Ron Dennis (RIP)[6]
• Opened: 1921 - 2005

History Timeline: (So far!)
1920 - Site originally was occupied by a roller-coaster![4]
1921 - Coliseum built by Rupert F. Cox[1]
1936 - Rupert F. Cox sold the Coliseum[4](RIP)
1937 - Leased by Harry & Emma Dennis[3] (Still listed as a manager 1948) (As owners mentioned in 1952)
1937 - Small fire in under center of floor[3]
1967 - April, Fire & building destroyed.[1]
1967 - Dec, New buiding opens on same lot.[1]
2000 - New owners, Chuck & Heidi Wyrick[2]
2005 - May, Fire & building destroyed.[1]

"A large crowd packs the coliseum, sitting on tightly spaced rows of chairs on the roller rink floor. To the left, a stage is occupied by a number of folks sitting in chairs facing the speaker's podium. Patriotic bunting adorns the upper walls while various flags are suspended from poles that jut out almost perpendicular from the ceiling supports. The parallel rows of windows are shuttered and the interior of the building is lit from Japanese like lanterns suspended from the ceiling." - Mansfield Public Library Collection

May 1966 Ad

Destroyed by fire in 1967

Starting Over

New Coliseum under construction

Open Soon

Grand Opening

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