Tallahassee Skate Inn, 1368 Blountstown Hwy, Tallahassee, Florida

• Operator: Mr. Doug[1]
• Pro/Coach: ?
• Opened: 1973 - 2017 [1]

Quote from the Facebook page:
"Tallahassee Skate Inn
September 30, 2017
Dear Tallahassee Skate Inn family,
With great sadness of heart we announce today is our last day of business operations after 45 years of service to our local community. It is been our honor and greatest privilege serving the community distinctly for the last nine years. Thank you for your patronage, for your love, and your warm support throughout the years.
From everyone here at Tallahassee Skate Inn, we love you, God bless you, farewell.
Mr. Doug"

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